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Cheafgiftcardonline.com offers digital gift cards that can be purchased worldwide using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins ethereum litecoin dogecoin. Using crypto and Lightning Network technology, we provide a secure and private user experience with fast digital delivery anywhere in the world. You just have to enter an e-mail address to get the digital card code.

Quick Delivery

These digital gift card are delivered automatically to your email after 0 to 5 minutes when we receive your payment.

If you would like a refund, please reply to your order email for a refund. We will refund the cryptocurrency paid to your account balance or your wallet address after we confirm the voucher code was not used. 

At the time of Refund, CFGiftCard will deduct any crypto transaction fees at the customer’s expense which CFGiftCard incurs to refund the payment. 

No. We do not require you to create an account with us to shop, no name, no personal information. But we provide this allows you to keep a balance with us, which can be used to purchase any of our digital gift card without transaction fees, and without having to wait for payment confirmation.

Digital Gift Cards

Some gift cards are valid worldwide, others regional, others country specific or currency specific. Please ensure you are purchasing in your desired country before completing the purchase.

Select the gift card, denomination, payment coin, and pay with your wallet. You will receive a receipt email with your Gift Card code/PIN, typically within 0 to 15 minutes.Then you can use your card code at the  official website.


Yes, your cryptocurrencies are as safe as the wallet you use and your own security practices.

Most people buy it from online exchanges website like coinbase, or other exchanges app.

Here are some great starting points:

You can also earn bitcoin as payment. Here are some crypto job sites to check out:


Sometimes during high load on the cryptocurrencies network, there are several reasons why your payment might not register as completed:

Your wallet has underpaid the original amount – In this case, our checkout screen should inform you of any additional amounts which need to be paid as long as the initial payment is picked up. Please send remaining funds to the original BTC address.

Your select a low transaction fee network– If your payment does not have a sufficient fee attached, your payment might take longer than allowed to complete on the network and might even be considered invalid. If you send a low fee, and your transaction is not confirmed within 6 hours it will be refunded.

You are sending a payment from an exchange/coinbase – Exchanges often delay payments in order to batch them, This causes issues with invoices becoming invalid. If you send a transaction from an exchange, and your transaction is not confirmed within 6 hours it will be refunded.

In order to avoid these problems, we recommend:

Wallet or other 3rd party platform, sometimes they may charge you an additional withdrawal fee which is automatically deducted from the amount you send if you have sent your payment from a exchange. This results in your payment being made for less than the amount required on the invoice, causing a partial payment which may delay delivery of your gift card.
Or pay from a wallet to which you hold the private keys, and self custody your own Bitcoin. This way you only pay standard network fees.

If you send cryptocurrencies to the wrong address, there is a high likelihood that it is lost forever. It is very important to make sure you copy the entire text string of characters of the address and double check that it and your amount is correct before sending a payment.

Make sure to always double check that the characters at the beginning and end of the address you’re using are exactly the same as the address you plan to send to, or receive from.

Using QR codes to send and receive or using Lightning Network also greatly minimizes address and amount errors.

The cryptocurrencies price is volatile. When we quote a price in crypto we can only honor that price for 15 minutes – after which time the crypto exchange rate will have changed. If your order expired, don’t worry! Simply reload the page and you’ll get a new order, with an updated 15-minute payment window.

At this time we are limited to those coins which we currently accept at this time. We will accept more coin in the future.

Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash(BCH) are not interchangeable. CFGiftCard only uses Segwit enabled addresses on Bitcoin, and Segwit addresses are not compatible in the BCH chain. CFGiftCard does not transact in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and therefore does not hold the keys to any Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallets. Furthermore, Interacting in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with the same keys from our Bitcoin (BTC) wallets is considered a security risk.Therefore, any Bitcoin Cash (BCH) sent to a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet are irreversible and should be considered as lost funds.

Living on crypto

Bitcoin can be used to buy anything by anyone. Some are digital nomads, some are unbanked, some earn bitcoin but don’t have a local exchange. There are many reasons our customers shop with us. Bitcoin can be used to top up your mobile phone, pay your bills, and buy Gift Cards for thousands of retailers worldwide. Here is a list of some retailers and businesses that accept BTC directly as a payment method. Even you can buy a car at https://www.tesla.com/

Buying games from Steam with cryptocurrency is easy. First, request an order for a Steam gift card voucher at cheafgiftcardonline. Send the payment from your Bitcoin wallet to the address provided. You’ll receive a digital code that you can redeem on your Steam account.The funds will instantly appear in your Steam wallet.

Amazon gift cards at cheafgiftcardonline.com can be purchased with bitcoin and altcoins. Select a denomination, send the payment from your Bitcoin wallet to the address provided, then redeem the provided PIN code on Amazon. You can buy anything on Amazon using your credited account. 

You may not be able to top up your Uber account with bitcoin directly before they accept BTC, but you can purchase an Uber Gift Card on CFGiftCard. Then you can use it at https://www.uber.com/

Select the gift card, denomination, payment method, and pay with your wallet. You will receive a receipt email with your Gift Card code/PIN, typically within 0 to 10 minutes.

No. We have a lot of reviews available here from various sources here: https://cheafgiftcardonline.com/reviews

PS. If you asked a website if they were a scam, would they say yes? 😉

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